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Caregiving videos

Many people learn better by seeing how things are done. And it’s no different when it comes to learning caregiving tasks such as lifting someone out of a chair. Fortunately, two excellent online resources offer caregiver videos – and both are free. Here is a recap on each:


  1. The Pennsylvania Homecare Association offers 27 short videos on a wide range of caregiver topics. Want to know how to give someone with Alzheimer’s a bath without a huge argument? How about learning how to transfer someone in and out of bed or a chair without injuring yourself? Or would you like to better understand the effects of dementia on the brain? Not sure how medications work? Worried about a bedridden loved one getting pressure sores? You’ll learn about these topics and more from these videos. They are produced using the first-hand accounts of families, seniors, people with disabilities and direct care workers, and the content was reviewed and approved by a team of experts. Check the videos out by going to You’ll need to sign up, but there will be no cost to you. If you are employed as a direct care worker, you can view the video for training purposes, answer a quiz and receive a printed certificate.


  1. Terra Nova Films offers short, simple and direct videos that follow a documentary format using real people in real-life situations. They cover topics such as: how to communicate with someone with Alzheimer’s, how to handle family conflicts, dealing with driving issues and when to give up the car keys, and understanding a stroke. The videos are presented in three categories: Alzheimer’s, Caregiving and Now Playing – which features short, entertaining films for caregivers. These excellent videos are also available for free and can be viewed at


Between these two resources, you have 50 valuable videos on caregiving at your fingertips – for free.












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