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Eldercare Locator and Area Agencies on Aging

Locating support for aging adults and senior care can be emotionally challenging for everyone. Fortunately, Eldercare Locator and Area Agencies on Aging exist to provide resources for aging individuals. These two nationwide entities, which receive funding and support from the federal agency of the Administration of Aging, provide caregiver resources as well. They provide a wide range of elder care resources, including ensuring independence for as long as possible, arranging for senior care, health and financial benefits, and much more. The goal of Eldercare Locator and Area Agencies on Aging is to ensure that older adults can age well and receive appropriate resources to do so, no matter what their capacity or where they live.

Eldercare Locator

Eldercare Locator is a public service of the Administration on Aging, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that connects individuals with providers of senior services like short- or long-term care, financial resources, home care service providers, food and nutrition programs and much more within your community. 
Eldercare Locator also offers tips, tools and resources on a wide range of topics that are important to aging adults and their caregivers. You can call Eldercare Locator at 1.800.677.1116 or you can find them online at The Eldercare Locator will also connect you to your local Area Agency on Aging. 

Area Agencies on Aging

Area Agencies on Aging (AAA), established by the Older Americans Act, provide individuals age 60 and older with services that enable them to remain in their homes and communities for as long as possible. Area Agencies on Aging are either non-profit or government-run agencies that operate on a local level and address the specific needs of those living within a geographically defined community. And, it’s your AAA that acts as a watch-dog, protecting vulnerable elderly from physical, mental or financial abuse and neglect rendered by family members, strangers or in a care facility.
Area Agencies on Aging work with local community-based organizations to provide seniors with important services including home-delivered meals, protective services, home care, transportation, senior center services and much more. These services create a vital safety net for seniors still living at home by giving their families and other caregivers the tools to help older adults remain at home. Since the agency is responsible for planning aging services for the whole community, they’ll know just about every program in the region. Many of them offer guidebooks of all the services available. Most have websites that you can track down by going to Just enter your parent’s county and click on General Information and Assistance on the search bar. The local AAA can tell you what services are available, advise you on eligibility criteria of various programs and give you contact information.The agency is also involved in advocacy and other activities to ensure that older individuals can choose the services and living arrangements that suit them best.
You can find your local Area Agency on Aging by going to or by calling 1.800.677.1116.
The important thing to remember is that only you will know what living situation is right for your parents and your family. Eldercare Locator and Area Agencies on Aging can help you find the resources you need, based upon your family’s unique situation.





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