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Our Vision and Mission

Vision offers a whole new world for caregivers: one where they can do the very best for their parents, spouses, older relatives or friends who need care. As their trusted advisor, we will help them to make confident, informed decisions, restoring their balance, peace of mind and sense of control.

Mission provides expert information, practical action steps, guides, resources and personalized plans to help caregivers make sound decisions and successfully navigate the complex world of eldercare.
The content presented on has been developed and approved by eldercare expert Dr. Linda Rhodes, former Pennsylvania Secretary of Aging and author of Finding Your Way: A Guide for Family Caregivers. Dr. Rhodes holds a doctorate from Columbia University and is the Director of Mercyhurst University's Hirtzel Institute on Health Education and Aging. makes all of its content available to the public at no cost. Any ads included on the site are clearly labeled as such. Advertisers and sponsors are not involved in content creation nor do they influence content in any way.

Here’s how we accomplish our mission:

We help caregivers learn by providing easy access to a wealth of tools, ideas, plans and technologies.

  • The site includes guides, answers, resources, action steps and tips, presented in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way.
  • We have simplified and streamlined the learning process so that users can easily find information and solutions that are relevant to their own set of circumstances.


We help caregivers organize by enabling them to create personal caregiving plans and to maintain a wealth of pertinent information online.

  • Through use of our exclusive Planning Assistant, users can create effective personal plans designed to meet each individual's unique caregiving needs.
  • is the only site that allows users to create and maintain their own collections of personally relevant caregiving information that can be notated, organized and shared with others.


We help caregivers act with confidence and knowledge.

  • Our reliable content, easy-to-use tools and intuitive resources prepare people to make well-informed, confident choices and sound decisions that lead to satisfying eldercare experiences.
  • We provide caregivers with practical support that makes for less stress and more control, enabling them to steer a smoother course through the world of eldercare.



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