7 Senior Friendly Father's Day Activities

7 Senior Friendly Father's Day Activities
Teresa Nguyen, 6/13/2018
Celebrating Father's Day should a fun and joyous occasion. However, as your dad ages, lots of things change, making it hard for him to enjoy some of the same things. Your dad may be struggling to complete tasks that were second nature to him or he may be starting to forget things.

Don't let aging discourage your parent from enjoying your Father's Day together. Below are 7 activities you can do with your dad to make him feel special and appreciated.

Father's Day Senior-Friendly Activities

  1. Host a game day. Sit down and play some board or card games with dad and his best buds or family members. Make sure you use large playing cards and games with large pieces if necessary so everyone can get in on the fun.
  2. Hold a family barbeque. Cook your father's favorite dishes and invite the whole family to make the day special. This is a great way to bring everyone together and have your dad hang out with people who care about him most.
  3. Watch a favorite movie. Whether your dad is a movie buff or not, viewing an old favorite will bring back memories and be a fun way to share in his past experiences. And don't forget to have plenty of popcorn handy!
  4. Go see a sports game. Even if dad is unable to participate in sports, he can still enjoy watching it! Go watch a game on TV or in at an arena. If it's a sunny day, don't forget to pack sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat.
  5. See a museum exhibit. It's always exciting to learn new things and going through a history or science museum will be a fun and informative experience for everyone.
  6. Browse through old photo albums. Reminiscence therapy is a great way for your dad to realize all the great things that he's done throughout his life and let you in on stories you might not have heard before.
  7. Check out your local theater. Seeing a play or musical performance is always a fun experience and a great way to support your community.
If these activities seem too strenuous or difficult for your dad, you could always have a quiet day in where you listen to music or complete a puzzle together. Disinterest in activities he used to enjoy or having low energy could be a sign that he might need extra help around the house. Either way, make sure you let dad know how much he means to you!
Teresa Nguyen

Teresa Nguyen

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